9 Popular Advantages and Disadvantages of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is emerging as a new trend to connect with maximum people in less time and promote your business by sending messages on phones. Those who want to expand their business will find it a very suitable and appealing way. Where this mode of marketing is giving a lot of benefits and positive outcomes to businessmen, it is not without some disadvantages.

Before investing and starting an SMS advertising campaign, one must have full knowledge that what would be the advantages and disadvantages of SMS Marketing. Here the basic advantages and disadvantages of this method are discussed to give you a clear picture that what positive and negative aspects SMS marketing will follow.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Marketing your brand and tell others about your company’s offers through messages has so many positive outcomes. Let’s consider them!


The branded SMS which contains all the information about your company will be delivered on an immediate basis to customers. The feedback from the customers will also be quick. The companies can give updates and information rapidly and no long time wait comes both on the part of sender and receiver. One can attract a large number of people on a daily basis by sending them notifications about keep informed people about the policies and strategies of the company.


Without any ambiguities and complexities, the companies can make their business grow through this straight-forward and easy mode of marketing. This type needs no internet connection, no difficult procedures or policies to promote your product. You just need to make a package deal with a company and just send a branded message containing the targeted information, a large mass can be engaged with you. It is a time-saving, trouble-free and useful way for sure.


This is a very reasonable and appealing form of advertisement. So many companies are there which are providing services and affordable packages related to SMS marketing. It is a very appealing way especially for business initiators who want to get the involvement of much people in minimum time without going out of their budget for the development and success of their business. Through this campaign, more benefits can be acquired with a reasonable investment.

More Customer Engagement

Like many other benefits and advantages, SMS marketing comes with more customers’ involvements. The people directly receive messages about your business promotions and news while by clicking on the given link, they can get into more details. People can approach you more easily for different queries and updates and you can also develop a good interaction by answering them on time. The companies can also make changes and improvements by the direct feedback of customers.

To the Point

SMS Marketing allows companies to tell people about the policies and updates in a more efficient, brief and direct way. Instead of getting into long or unnecessary content, the customers get quick and to the point details. It is very advantageous for the growth of any business as you will sure that your message has been delivered and read with a good rate of understanding. Compared with other modes of advertisement like email or phones calls, SMS marketing is more accurate and clear.

Disadvantages of SMS Marketing

This process of SMS marketing also involves some disadvantages.

Limited Content

Branded SMS comes with the limited option of 160 characters which may be short for some companies who want to deliver detailed information or updates. The companies cannot deliver several details through SMS and have to stick to the basics and main points.


With the growing trend of SMS Marketing, many companies and businessmen are using this method. People get many messages daily and you cannot say that your message has been read or remain close in the inbox. Maybe it has been read but you never know!

No Graphics

The content and information in a branded SMS should be attractive enough to convince people to opt-in. With the lack of images, visuals or graphics the content must be of good level and quality which can grab the customers’ satisfaction and attention.

Need New Content Always

As the character limit of branded SMS is short, so the companies cannot deliver the whole piece of information about their businesses in one message. Different messages at different times have to be sent with different content always. You cannot repeat the same things.


SMS Marketing is full of benefits and advantages for your business but you will face some disadvantages too. It is still a very productive and appealing mode of advertisement used by a large number of companies as it is worth investing.

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