Latest Beauty Trends 2019 – List of 10 Trends that will Amaze you

2019, a new year is here with the revival in almost all sectors. It is an age of change and style. You cannot stick to the same fashion or trend for a long time. It is always in process of revivals and world famous brands, designers and retailers introduce new trends to give you a confident and colorful way of living. So are you interested to know that what is more trendy in 2019 which will give you a more stylish and glamorous touch? If yes then keep on reading to know about the latest beauty trends 2019. Keep yourself updated about all the beauty trends including:

Latest Beauty Trends 2019 - List of 10 Trends that will Amaze you

Latest Beauty Trends 2019 in Pakistan

Fed up of the traditional makeup looks? No worries as 2019 are here while introducing something new and unique to give you a beautiful and different glance. You just need to consider the right thing according to your face, skin color, skin type and your taste. If you like soften looks, you can avail it by choosing makeup products of light shades. In the same way, if you like the bold-faced look then dark colors are the best choice in your makeup products.

Foundation or Base

The time goes when people were very conscious about to look whiter away from their natural shade. For this many white bases or foundations were the prior choice but that gives you an artificial look. In recent time, models and actresses are embracing their natural look by choosing the pale or beige shaded foundations. They give you a more natural and beautiful touch and providing the best start in makeup where all the other things will enhance effectively and clearly. It also keeps you away from an artificial look.


Give a smart and classy look to your face with contouring which is becoming a very important element in makeup. It gives you a killer and smart look where make you retire from overdone face chiseling. It is all about giving a natural shape to your face with a classy look.


Shine and spark to look more attractive and glamorous with the best high-lighters without them makeup is incomplete today. The liquid and powder shiners are available in different colors which you can choose according to your skin tone. If you have a dry skin then liquid highlighters will be the best choice otherwise go for powder shiners. The give you a very enhancing effect in your overall makeup look.


Eyes are the most important part and its makeup will affect your overall look. So you need to pay attention while choosing the trendy and right eye makeup. Nowadays colored eyeliners and mascaras are very popular which gives a stylish outlook to your face. The black is also fine as it never gets old but if you want to endure more latest look then colored eye-makeup products are the best choice along with statement eye-shadows. Glitter and shimmer eye-shadows are the priority in the latest beauty trends.

Lipstick Trends 

Complete your mesmerizing look after choosing the trendy and right shade of lipstick. Bright and light both shades are trendy in matte and glossy type. Pink will give you a sweet and natural look while many people like bold color lipstick like deep red or deep pink. Peach color gives you a natural glance. These colors are trendy both in glossy and matte forms.

Hairstyle Trends 2019 in Pakistan

Both long and short hair is in a trend where women can choose according to their choice. Some may like long hair or other may like short. Medium or short hair is more preferable among the models and actresses which give a more classic and stylish look. Although long hair has their own beauty and attraction.

Bob Haircut

If you want to look very cool and totally change your look then bob cut hair are very trendy which gives you a very fresh and cool outlook. You have two option in bob haircut and that is long and short bob cutting.

Long and Short Bob Cutting

Long bob cut where the back hair is long and front short gives really a stylish and outstanding look and many actresses have adopted this style and it is still popular in 2019.  You can also give god shades to your hair suitable to your complexion. Red, blonde and medium brown is trendy among the hair colors.


The top-tier hairstyle is very famous and source of relaxation especially in summers. It is also becoming famous in functions according to the dress type which gives you an elegant look. You can pack your hair in form of the messy or loose bun which is very popular in latest time.


Achieve an outstanding look with curls which are highly famous among the latest fashion and beauty world. If you have heavy long or medium hair then there is no good hairstyle than curls. Wild curls are also trendy to give you a stylish and beautiful glance while smooth curls give you an outclass look.

Straight Hair

Look simple and elegant with a straight look which never gets old. Whether you have short, long or medium hair, the straight look is suitable for all. It gives a very simple and elegant look and highly adopted by the fashion icons even in the daily routine.


Be updated and be trendy to look more beautiful and confident than you are now. It has become crucial to update yourself with the latest beauty and fashion trends. 2019 is here with a lot of new suggestions and trends. You just need to pick up the right one which suits you the most!

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