Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme Booking and Payment Plan

Everyone desires to enjoy a luxurious life in a modern housing society.

It is the utmost desire of everyone to live in a modern housing society. You will also be dreaming to get a state-of-the-art home with all international standard facilities and luxuries. If it is so, Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme brings easy access to your dream home at an incredibly lower price. The booking for plots is still open for the in Shadman Enclave.

Shadman Enclave Payment Plans

Prime Location of Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme is located on main Sharaqpur Road, quite at hand to Faizpur Interchange, Lahore. From society, all central locations of the city are only at 12 to 20 miles away. So, the prime location has made society more attractive place for investors to invest in it. As you know that Lahore is expanding rapidly, Shadman Enclave will be one of the central locations of Lahore in the nearest future.

Why to Invest in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme?

When you select a society for your dream home, you think of all the basic utilities and facilities to be present there. All of the basic utilities are present here. The high-class facilities and luxuries give you a world-class lifestyle at a very affordable price. So, society seems like a shining moon among the stars. The perfect town planning with all modern facilities has included society among one of the high standard localities of the city. So, the people with lower affordability have a golden opportunity to get a residential plot here.  Let’s have a glimpse of the facilities and luxuries you will have in Shadman Enclave.

Shadman Enclave Housing Society Sharaqpur Road Lahore

Basic Utilities [Water Supply, Sui Gas, Power Supply]

All basic utilities including water and power supply and sui gas are present in the society. The underground systems of all of the above-discussed utilities make the atmosphere clean and clutter-free. Furthermore, natural disasters like storm and rain cannot interrupt the power supply. Even more! You will get clean drinking water as the society has its own Water Filter Plant.

Foolproof Security System

Today, the gated community is not enough to ensure a secure life of the residents. The growing crime rate in the city has created an alarming condition in different areas of the city. Shadman Enclave brings a foolproof security system for the residents. The powerful CCTV cameras are covering every corner of society. So, the presence of the CCTV cameras in all corners of the society ensures your safety not in your home but also while moving in society. You face no threat of theft, robbery and other crimes.

High-Standard Hospital

The society comes with a modern hospital. All high-quality health facilities are provided here. The medical staff is highly qualified and trained to serve you. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical and surgical technologies. The experienced and skillful medical professionals are here to serve you.

Educational Institutions

While shifting to Shadman Enclave, you will be more concerned about the education of your kids and the grown-up children. The housing scheme has separate schools for boys and girls for primary and secondary levels. Besides, a renowned university is also present here. So, your kids and grown-up children are not away from their educational institutions while living in Shadman Enclave.

Lush Green Parks

The green parks and plantation on every corner of the society are enough to provide you with the clean air and healthy atmosphere to live in. In the company of nature, you feel like you are present in Paradise. Central and many other parks spotted in the sectors for the residents. The parks contain jogging tracks, play areas for kids and sitting areas, etc. You can spend a very beautiful time while sitting in the company of mesmerizing nature. Even, surrounded by the green landscape, you are going to live in a healthy atmosphere.


The society comes with various mosques. A grandeur Jamia mosque with beautiful interior and exterior is an integral part of the society. The Jamia mosque is spacious enough to cover a large number of residents on special events’ gatherings like Juma or Eid prayer.

Commercial Areas

This housing society includes various commercial areas with 100 ft, 140 ft, and 160 ft wide Main Boulevards. The entire society is connected with the commercial plazas, cinema halls, shopping malls, and main boulevards via 30, 40 and 80 ft roads. The wholesale and retail grocery stores are also available for the ease of the residents. So, your shopping center is never away from you while you are living here.

Community Center

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme has a vast and state-of-the-art community center for the residents.

Overall View

In short, Shadman Enclave offers you a residential idea with all of the state-of-the-art facilities and luxuries in a very affordable price.  It contains all of the basic necessities, utilities, facilities and even high-standard luxuries of life you could never imagine in such a price.

Payment Plan for Residential Plots

Shadman Enclave transforms your dream into reality at an affordable price. Currently, the society offers 5 Marla and 3.55 Marla residential plots. Shadman Enclave Housing brings a straightforward and applicable payment plan for the people who have less affordability. With 15% down payment, you can book your plot right now. You have to pay the remaining amount within three to five years in easy installments. So, your dream home can be in your possession within a few years. Here is the detail regarding the payment plan for residential plots.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to get a corner/park facing plot, or a plot on the main road, you need to pay 10% extra charges for it.

If you make the full payment in cash, you will get 10% discount on it.

5-Year Payment Plan

Plot Size Down Payment Confirmation Monthly Installment Balloting Possession Fees Total Cost of Plots
3.55 Marla 1,80,000/- 1,20,000/- 8500 x 60 1,95,000/- 1,95,000/- 12,00,000/-
5 Marla 2,40,000/- 1,60,000/- 12000 x 60 2,40,000/- 2,40,000/- 16,00,000/-

3-Year Payment Plan

Plot Size Down Payment Confirmation Monthly Installment Balloting Possession Fees Total Cost of Plots
3.55 Marla 2,40,000/- 1,60,000/- 12500 x 36 3,50,000/- 4,00,000/- 16,00,000/-
5 Marla 3,30,000/- 2,20,000/- 17000 x 36 6,00,000/- 4,38,000/- 22,00,000/-

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