Israeli Offensive in Gaza Claims Over 11,000 Lives, Sparks Global Protests

Israeli occupational forces persist in their aerial and ground attacks on Gaza, resulting in a death toll exceeding 11,000, including women and children. The conflict began on October 7 when Hamas targeted Israeli-controlled cities, leading to 1,400 casualties and 240 hostages. In response, Tel Aviv imposed a strict blockade and launched airstrikes and ground offensives.

Palestinian officials report that Israeli actions have resulted in the deaths of approximately 11,500 people, with 40% being children, many buried under rubble. Global rallies show support for both Palestinians and Israelis, with widespread condemnation of Israeli actions, particularly from the Muslim world and orthodox Jews.

Pakistan, not recognizing Israel as a state, condemns the attacks on civilians and advocates holding Israel accountable for targeting mosques, churches, and schools sheltering displaced civilians.

In Washington, DC, a “March for Israel” rally attracted a significant turnout, emphasizing solidarity with Israel in its conflict with Hamas. Pakistani American activist Anila Ali spoke at the event, expressing friendship with the Jewish people and condemning the violence committed by Hamas on October 7.

The rally sparked controversy as former bureaucrat Orya Maqbool Jan claimed Ali led a delegation to Israel in 2022 during Shehbaz Sharif’s tenure. Contradicting this, another user stated that it was during PTI’s tenure. The debate included a photo shared by Ali.

Anila Ali, born in Karachi, hails from a family dedicated to public service, with notable figures in politics, journalism, and women’s rights. She currently resides in Washington D.C. and is a mother of two.

Who is Anila Ali?

Anila Ali, born in Karachi, Pakistan, comes from a family committed to public service. Her great-grandfather was the Prime Minister of Kashmir, her grandmother served as Secretary of the Muslim League, and her father founded Pakistan’s first news agency. Ali, now residing in Washington D.C., is a mother of two.

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