Special Team Formed to Address Passport Delays Amid Public Outcry

Responding to numerous complaints from flyers regarding delayed passport deliveries, Federal Ombudsman Ejaz Ahmed Qureshi has established a specialized team. The team, led by a senior advisor, aims to investigate the delays in passport delivery at the Directorate General of Passport office and recommend solutions for timely processing.

The inspection team will closely examine the complaints and collaborate with the Directorate General of Passport to formulate a resolution, addressing the concerns raised by the public. The Federal Ombudsman Office initiated this action following reports of individuals unable to travel, including those awaiting passports for religious obligations such as Umrah and Ziaraat.

Media sources indicate that approximately 400,000 passports are pending processing, primarily due to a shortage of lamination papers within the directorate. Despite public criticism and repeated complaints, the department has struggled to clear the backlog, prompting the Federal Ombudsman to intervene and investigate the root cause.

Passengers facing delays have expressed frustration, hindering travel plans and, in some cases, affecting religious duties. The Directorate of Immigration and Passports is grappling with challenges as thousands of Pakistanis apply for travel documents to explore job opportunities abroad, driven by the economic crisis rendering many jobless.

While the youth exodus raises concerns about increased brain drain, some observers suggest a positive aspect. They believe that those leaving the country may contribute through remittances and gain valuable exposure, potentially returning to serve the nation in the future.

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