Montviro Islamabad Location Map – Payment Plan – Details

Montviro Islamabad is offering a guaranteed quality and standards to you in every way. It is the newest and most renowned project developed by high plans modern amenities. Montviro Islamabad is a place built on the idea of exclusivity, individuality and community. You will find this place fulfilling varieties of purposes including living, entertainment, shopping or hoteling.

Montviro Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details

The 5-star hotel of unique quality attracts the attention of many to spend a quality time. Moreover, it is enriched with many outclass options and benefits. The flats are also available while offering a contemporary and exclusive lifestyle to people with global styles. The residents here provide the perfect opportunity to have an existence of your dreams and desires.

The apartments are designed keeping in mind the ideal home for a family with a focus on comfort and peace. Community facilities in the project have been focused on providing time to socialize and relax. With the prime location and enormous facilities, this project is really worth living and visiting where you will have a guaranteed quality time enjoying each and every second of your stay here.

Montviro Islamabad Location Map

Located on the Murree Expressway, you will discover that how outstanding and top-class location this project is offering you. The location of this project is one of the most striking features and attractions which grabs the attention of people to start living here among comforts while surrounded by a healthy atmosphere.

Many International Standard projects have developed or developing at this location while making it the most prestigious locations of Islamabad in the coming years. Along with the developed location you will be able to enjoy the serenity too. What beautiful mountains and landscapes you will be able to enjoy from the rooms of your apartments or from your hotel rooms. It is here to provide you with a peaceful and beneficial location at the same time which is beneficial both for living and business purposes.

Montviro Islamabad Payment Plan

You will find the payment plan very convenient which has been announced by the developers. As we know that this project is comprised of many options including residence, shopping mall and hotel rooms. The prices are different while the conditions are also different. While following the easy terms and conditions you can be a part of this standardized place which is a very valuable project in the real estate markets. The prices of shops and apartments are different according to the floors or location. Easy installment policies are also available here. The detailed payment plan is here for you.

Montviro Islamabad Payment Plan


It is a project of Irtifa Group. They are offering something more than the ordinary and more than the luxury. It is a very top-class project which can be differentiated easily from all the other projects because of its unique approach. The best development techniques and practices can be seen in a totally new and different style which have never be seen in the real estate.

The flawless feel is given to this place with the quality, excellence and exclusive plans. Great attention is paid to every small thing to provide more than what you have expected to have. The business, living and entertainment, all the concerns are kept in mind and y this the developers have succeeded to provide a suitable and most appealing place for these purposes. This place is a perfect blend of comfort, luxury and peace.

Facilities and Features

Ready to get yourself facilitated in more outclass ways than you expected? This renowned and unique project is here to offer you more than enough facilities. It is a luxurious place in its true sense where you will feel more comfortable and convenient all the time. More you will know this place more you will fall in love with it.

The entertainment, hoteling and living all the sides are equally bright and sparkling and you will find your self serviced in every walk of life. It is becoming the preferred choice of people not only nationally but also for foreigners. Nothing is ordinary here at this place which is globally designed and developed with world-class amenities. Here the striking features and facilities are mentioned below which this place is offering to you!

  • Beautiful and Modern Building Style
  • Skywalk
  • Luxurious Living Spaces
  • Modern Equipment
  • 5-star Hotel
  • Shopping Mall
  • High Security
  • Theme Park
  • Parking Area
  • Cave Resturant
  • Fitness Center
  • Fountains
  • Kids Play Area
  • Recreational Options
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Camping Options
  • Water ride


This place is not something to be missed out at all. Either you are a visitor or a resident you will find this place truly exclusive and outstanding in every way. Indulge yourself in lavishness and delight after choosing this place which is developing to elevate the standards of living, hoteling and shopping. It is unique destination for those who are in search of something different and classy.

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